Lemon balm tea is considered to be one of Natures wonders. This aromatic tea is brewed by placing the leaves of the lemon balm herb into boiling water and steeping it for as long as the individual wants. The length of the brewing determines the strength of the tea.
Lemon Balm Tea 01 Proponents of lemon balm tea attest to it’s abilities to fight insomnia and other sleep difficulties. They also say that it can combat nerve pain. Others tout it’s abilities to alleviate gas and other disorders of the digestive system. The tea is also said to help with memory and other brain functions.

There are also folks that attest to this teas propensity for anti-herpes and thyroid regulating abilities. A number of aficionados believe that lemon balm tea can help to elevate their mood.

The botanical name for lemon balm is Melissa Officinalis and it is also known as the bee plant, because Roman beekeepers would place sprigs from this herb inside their hives to attract swarms of bees. The name Melissa comes from the Greek word for bee.

Arab physicians promoted the therapeutic uses of the lemon balm herb and praised it’s ability to reduce swelling and close wounds. The leaves are also used to treat bites and stings and the ointment is also said to repel insects. It also produces perspiration and therefore is used in the treatment of feverish patients especially those with influenza.

Throughout history lemon balm tea was reputed as being able to “renew”, therefore it was used as an “elixir of youth”. For this reason it is believed to be an herb that adds to longevity.

 This herb should be cut when it begins to bloom. Adding it to foods along with other spices adds wonderful flavor to culinary dishes. It will combine well with rosemary and thyme, bay leaves, allspice, mint and pepper. It can also be added to fruit and green salads, fruit drinks, herb butters, and sorbets.

Adding lemon balm to egg dishes, soups, casseroles, and custards gives an added subtle flavor that will impress the most finicky palate. It is also an herb that can be added to meat dishes such as lamb, poultry and pork.

The many ways that this herb can be used adds to it’s popularity, but the most beneficial use is as lemon balm tea, if only for it’s promise to increase the length of time we can enjoy it’s benefits.
Article Source: HerbalTeaBoutique
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  1. Thanks for the food suggestions. Lemon balm is good for menstrual cramps. As a sedative used for sleep disorders, lemon balm is not yet proven safe for children to take orally.

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