Oolong tea also referred to as Wu Long tea is extensively consumed in Asia and has been dubbed as the 'Diet Tea'. Why is Oolong tea dubbed as such when there is a proliferation of different types of teas like green tea, black tea, herbal teas or herbal infusions? There are several varieties of this tea and it has also been called names other than wu long, it is also called WuYi or Wu Yi tea. Oolong tea also contains the best qualities found in green tea and black tea.

With all the different varieties of oolong teas in the market nowadays, the common denominator is their weight loss and fat burning properties. Oolong teas have been widely used in Asian countries for several centuries now and have been associated with keeping people, who constantly drink it, slim. Although a lot of scientific studies, research and debates have been done, there are still skeptics as to the weight loss property of Oolong tea. However, some scientific studies have come up with enough evidence that the tea helps to:

* Increase metabolism. Polyphenol, a substance active and available in higher concentrates in Oolong tea can effectively control obesity. It has been corroborated by some scientific studies that polyphenol activates the enzyme that dissolves triglyceride thus consistent intake of the tea enhances the metabolism and controls obesity.

* Increase energy. Wu long tea or Oolong contains caffeine just like coffee although its caffeine content is only about 15% of that of coffee. It has been established that caffeine stimulates the nervous system causing fat to be burned and converted to energy and producing heat, a process known as thermogenesis. In this way body fat is burned and excess water is also discarded from the body accelerating weight loss.
* Block fat absorption. The tea absorbs fat through the process of lipolysis, wherein fatty acids in fat cells are broken down. The fatty acids, saturated or unsaturated fats, are then released into the blood thus lowering blood pressure and regulating insulin in the blood.

* Rid the body of excess water. The tea acts as a diuretic causing the increased discharge of liquid or urine from the body. It produces a clean alkaline environment in the body that destroys and releases bacteria, microbes and other toxins from the body.

These properties are the very reason why Oolong tea has been dubbed as the 'Diet Tea'. Consuming tea regularly will greatly help in weight loss which is the expected result of taking a diet tea such as Oolong tea. It is completely safe even if taken regularly and though there may be side effects due to over consumption, these are negligible since you will have to literally drown yourself in tea before you would see any of the side effects.

Article written by Jumneez Swensen. To view the original post, click here
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