White tea has not gained much popularity until recently, but it is now exploding as the new fad diet of the year. What makes white tea so special, and what is the difference between white tea and other teas?

White tea is the newest form of dieting with tea, and may soon become the most popular after seeing the amazing benefits. The name White Tea comes from the fluffy white hairs that cover the leaves when they are first picked. White tea is fermented a little different then most teas. It is dried out and when brewed it has a pale yellow color to it.

Recent studies have shown that white tea has the most health benefits of any of the Chinese teas. This includes both black and green tea which was previously thought to be the best. White tea did not really receive much attention until it was featured on Oprah as one of her "amazing weight loss secrets".

There are three different types of leaves that you can pick white tea from. Big White, Narcissus White, and Vegetable White. All three of these do give a slightly different taste and texture.

White tea was first seen in China in 1796. Farmers used to pluck the white tea only from the vegetable white. It was not until the late 1800s did farmers know you could also use the big white leaves to also make the white tea. White tea began to spread as a luxury drink for the rich and important in China. The tea could only be plucked at certain times of the year, so it was somewhat scarce. White tea will continue to gain popularity and may soon overtake Green tea as the most popular tea supplement in the world.

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