Wouldn’t it be wonderful if losing weight was as easy as sitting down to a relaxing cup of tea? Well, that dream could be creeping its way into reality if you’re sipping on Wu Yi green tea.

With all the products on the market claiming to help you lose weight, it’s hard to sift out the scams. Wu Yi green tea does have an actual science behind the extraordinary claims. The tea has a high natural concentration of polymerized polyphenols. In simpler terms, these compounds activate enzymes that bread down fat and increase your metabolism.

Many users claim that they lost 20-30 pounds within just a few months by drinking the recommended two cups of Wu Yi green tea on a daily basis. However, it takes a little more effort than that. Wu Yi tea is not a scam because of the clinically proven efficient compounds, but it is not a miracle. Dieters are yet to be freed from the chains of dieting and exercise.

Don’t get discouraged too easily though. Wu Yi green tea has plenty of other benefits that the other weight loss products cannot offer due to their processed nature. A common complaint among dieters is the feeling of fatigue. A cup of tea contains a little less caffeine than the typical cup of coffee. It also contains antioxidants that support a healthy immune system. Wu Yi green tea is not your average green tea. It is widely known that incorporating green tea into your diet is a step towards a healthy body, but Wu Yi takes it even a step further than that.

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